If you are ever in the areas of the coastal town of Machias, you will hear tales of loot hidden by the notorious pirate, Captain Rhodes. He roamed this shore in 1675, using the sheltered inlet of the Machias River as a hideout and a place for careening his ship.

Another Machias area treasure is also stashed along Starbirds Creek. Years ago, Captain Harry Thompson and anotherbuccaneer named Starbird frequently used the entrance to the Machias River as a rendezvous between voyages. As a consequence, they used a nearby creek, named for Starbird, to cache their plunder. Thompson was said to have marked some trees and to have drawn a crude map to aid his children in locating this trove, but they apparently misinterpreted the clues, for they dug without success.

In the same general area, Brothers Island, named for two brothers called Flynn, is reputedly a hiding place for their trove. However, information concerning this cache is not easy to establish.