The little town of Liberty, Waldo County, also boasts of a lost treasure of $70,000 in gold coins. This trove belonged to Timothy Barrett, who lived there in the early 1700s. Folks noticed that Barrett always seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of money, although he never worked. Was he a retired pirate?

That explanation seemed to satisfy his neighbors. In time, the old fellow became vexed with people always asking him about the source of his wealth, so he moved across nearby Georges Stream and dug a cave for a home. He cultivated a small garden for his simple needs.

When old Barrett finally died, villagers began a great search for his fortune. A couple of fellows dug up an iron kettle near the cave. It was filled with ancient French coins. However, this was believed to have been only a small part of the main cache, which is still safe in the ground near Georges Stream.

The rockbound coast of Maine, its sweeping beaches, offshore islands, ragged peninsulas, still conceal treasures buried or lost years ago by swashbuckling pirates and hardy settlers. Tales of these obscure troves are still told by rugged characters mending lobster gear on the decaying wharves. Folks up there continue to search for buried pirate gold in lonely coves and on shadowy islands, often lacing their stories with a half faith in spooks, ghosts, and spirits.