Jekyll Island – Located in Brunswick County – rumors of Spanish buried treasures surround this area.

Mulberry Grove Plantation – located on GA 21 approximately 10 miles north of Savannah, on the Savannah River, in Chatham County. The site of an important plantation house that was destroyed by Sherman’s soldiers in 1864.There are stories of a cache of gold coins buried by plantation owners before Sherman arrived.

St. Simon’s Island – located in Camden County – was used by the Spaniards prior to 1736. Silver coins from that era have been found along the southern beach.

Tybee Island – located at the mouth of the Savannah River, off U.S. 80 – many pirates frequented this island. There are legends that many treasures are buried there. Coins have been found along the beach.

Face Mountain – located in Whitfield County – this area was heavily mined of gold. Somewhere on the mountain is a cache of buried gold bullion that was stolen from the miners, and then reburied.