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New York’s “Deerlick Rock Cache”

(Lewis County, New York.)

This One Could Make You Wealthy

The town of Glenfield sits on the western edge of the Adirondack Forest in Lewis County, New York. This area of north-central New York is home to what I call the “Deerlick Rock Cache,” a buried treasure that, if found, could make you a very wealthy person.

This treasure tale goes all the way back to the days of the French and Indian Wars in the mid-1700s when the American Colonials (that’s us) and their British masters fought a protracted series of struggles against the French and their Indian allies. The “Deerlick Rock Cache” involves a large unit of French soldiers that was retreating down the Black River Valley and trying to shake off pursuing British soldiers and their blood-thirsty Iroquois auxiliaries.

Buried Payroll and Defeat

The fleeing French column was slowed down considerably by a number of supply wagons as well as at least one payroll wagon. Near a large rock outcropping (now known as Deerlick Rock) the French hurriedly buried their payroll as well as other valuables before they “skeedaddled” back toward Canada and relative safety, intending to recover the cache after they had soundly defeated the British and won the war.

(French gold coins like these may compose at least part of the “Deerlick Rock Cache.”)

As it happened, the French were able to defeat the British and Colonial troops arrayed against them on a number of occasions. Still, despite winning a number of battles and skirmishes, they lost the war itself and, in so doing, their buried payroll treasure. You see, they were never able to return to recover it.

A Cache With Substance

Before you dismiss this tale as just another bogus “payroll” treasure yarn, some interesting facts and leads can be dredged up by only cursory research on your part. Without giving everything away on this one, I CAN tell you that these facts and leads help substantiate the existence of the “Deerlick Rock Cache.”

What could you expect to find in terms of today’s dollars if you actually located this treasure cache? No one knows with absolute certainty but I suspect the “Deerlick Rock Cache” would provide “goodies” valued in the high six figures at minimum and perhaps even enough to make you a millionaire once, twice, or even three times over.

Good luck in your search!